The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone on Woody Guthrie’s My Name Is New York, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the Magic Shop team (2014).

Sound on Sound profiles the Magic Shop (2014).

Sonic Scoop checks in on the Living Room, the club owned by Magic Shop owner Steve Rosenthal and Jennifer Gilson (2013).

The New York Times on the Caffè Lena Archive, digitized at the Magic Shop, now preserved at the Library of Congress (2013).

Sonic Scoop on David Bowie’s The Next Day, recorded and mixed in secret at the Magic Shop (2013).

Here’s a video, courtesy of Evergreene Music, of Magic Shop mastering engineer Jessica Thompson explaining her restoration work on the Balkan Arts Series (2012).

The Rumpus interviews Steve Rosenthal about remastering Mickey Newbury’s Looks Like Rain (2011).

An interview with Magic Shop owner Steve Rosenthal in Tape Op magazine (2008).

You can read old Magic Shop newsletters here.